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About SkyMuse Studios

Founded in 2014 by Ron and Laree Jones, SkyMuse Studios was designed and built to first serve as the personal studio for Ron’s continuing work as a composer. Having spent over 37 years as a very busy pro composer in Los Angeles scoring many top productions for nearly all the major studios Ron and Laree decided to move back home to the Northwest. They searched up and down the west coast for a location that had the trees, the environment, the space to create something very special. They found it between the Puget Sound and the Cascades. SkyMuse represents their commitment to the art and craft of making music, to maintaining the highest standards for creating and producing great results. Those years in L.A. taught Ron so many vital lessons and developed an understanding and deep Appreciation for how things should be done. In a way, SkyMuse is really an L.A. Studio just located 1252 miles north. Our special location on 22 beautiful acres brings so many benefits. The sky in not blocked by buildings, it is filled with open sky and stars. We have many wonderful hiking trails, a guest house situated in the forest near the studio. Artists and various groups can book several days and stay at SkyMuse and relax and focus on their project. Many have said this SkyMuse Effect has made a big difference in the quality of what they record and mix. Plus it’s more fun and less stress.
With two large recording rooms we can accomidate most groups and most types of projects. The greatest performances in music come from people in a room playing together. We have the space, the gear, the experience to take full advantage of people making music. We have a wonderful grand piano that sounds amazing. We have house drums and many other instruments available. We do CD’s,songs, film scores, broadcast scores, game scores, podcasts and just about any related idiom. We are set up to do full Surround 5:1 dubs for feature films and even have screenings in the large A Studio. We can package any sort of music or audio production needed in today’s demanding entertainment business. We treat everyone as family and as our valued friend.
As a way of giving back and helping the creative music and audio community we present the Master Class Series featuring great people who have expert advice and insight. These Master Class events at SkyMuse are always well attended and interesting, infomative and fun.
In short, we created SkyMuse because we love what we do and because it is a joy making music interacting with friends, artists and all sorts of people. The greatest composition is not just the music we make, it is all about who we are and what we do that helps others in positive ways.

Recording Rooms Studio A  23’ x 40’  with a 17’ ceiling Studio B  18’ x 32’  with a 13’ ceiling Studio C   Fully equiped MIDI/Music Production Suite Control Room  13’ x 17’ with a 13’ ceiling


Parking for over 150 vehicles

Studio Lounge

2,300 sq. ft bedroom, 1bath Guest House

Basketball Sports Court

Softball/Soccer Field

7 Hiking Trails

16' x 12' Day Cabin


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SkyMuse sign 1.jpg
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