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Book a session, project or schedule a tour at SkyMuse

Each recording project is different and the needs of one artist or group is usually never the same. So at SkyMuse we don’t have a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all Hourly rate. We first listen to what you want and then give back an estimate or a package cost. Many studios simply have an hourly rate or a day rate. We find that this helps very few artists and favors the studio. We work towards finding a fair balance. A solo artist should not pay for overhead he or she is not using. Get a price quote before locking yourself in and check with several studios asking many questions until you feel comfortable with one studio to work with. It’s your music, your project and your budget take the time to get it right.
We have created a session planner so you can get some great insight for planning how much time and how to organize your recording sessions.
Contact us at SkyMuse Studios by phone at 1-360-629-7236 or by e-mail at Tell us what you want to do and about your music. The more details the better. If you have questions please let us know. We are here to help. We are dedicated to the art and craft of music and have decades of doing a vast amount of music and in all sorts of styles. We have a passion about this stuff and we will do our best to help put together a custom session package that fits your needs.
If you would like a tour of SkyMuse please make an appointment. We are happy to show you what we have and what we can offer your project.
We are located at:


SkyMuse Studios 29127 40th Ave NW Stanwood, WA 98292 1-360-629-7236
Contact us at SkyMuse Studios by phone at 1-360-629-7236 or by e-mail at


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