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Mixing Consoles

Solid State Logic (SSL) 40-Channel XL-Desk

Slate Raven MTi 2  Touch Screen (250+ Channels)

For Live performances and remote concerts and events:

Midas M-32 Console

Studio Monitors (Control Room)

2-Focal Twin6 Be Studio Monitors

3-Focal Solo6 Be Studio Monitors

2-AvantonePro MixCubes (Passive)

1-Mackie MR10s Mk3 Sub-woofer

Control Room Audio System

2-Apple MacPro (Late 2013) 3 GHz 8-Core Intel Xeon E5

2-27’’ Apple Thunderbolt Displays

1-Slate Raven MTi 2 Display

1-60’’ Samsung Display

Audio Interfaces

1-MOTU 16A

2-MOTU 24Ai

1-MOTU 24Ao

Cue Mix (for Headphone Monitoring)

2-MOTU Monitor 8

4-HeadAmp Pro II

12-Behringer PowerPlay Personal Mixer/Monitors

1-Rolls 6-Channel Headphone Amp

Control Room Software

ProTools HD (250 Tracks)

Digital Performer


Waves (We have most of the complete Waves plug-ins)

iZotope RX6 Audio Editor

Vienna Instruments MIR


Melodyne 4

Eiosis E2

Deesser Antares Auto-Tune 8.1

AltaVerb 7

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