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Mixing Services

After the basic tracks are recorded the next stage involves crafting a mix. To make a great mix you need a great mixing engineer, the best listening situation so you can hear and refine all the small details as well as the overall sound. Our engineers have extensive knowledge and professional experience in recording and mixing. This is where they shine. Mixing is where things all come together. Our control room is set up for accurate listening and comfort. We don’t hype things by playing back at over-the-top volume levels. The brain and the ears actually hear less detail when listening at high levels and it causes fatigue. We have monitor speakers that are very accurate as well as a sub-woofer for the lower sounds. Clients can sit behind the engineer or to the side and direct the mix their way. It is all about listening to the artist and then using the tools of mixing to bring all that detail to the final mix. In addition to mixing for records, podcasts, voive-overs we are one of the few studios in the Northwest that specializes in Surround 5:1 mixing for film, broadcast and media. We know how to give that Hollywood sound that audiences enjoy with their Favorite film or Media. We know how to mix any style of music and deliver the highest audio quality. We can take care of all your post-production needs even scoring the soundtrack or adding the sound effects. We can even mix projects you record elsewhere.

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