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Music and Audio Production Services

SkyMuse is owned by composer Ron Jones. He spent 37 years working in L.A. on popular films and several of the most popular Television Series such as Star Trek:The Next Generation, Family Guy and many, many more. The vision that Ron had in building this studio was to bring the expertise and creative power of how things are done in the demanding world of Hollywood studios to the Northwest. He wanted to have a studio that could do anything that major studios like 20th-Century Fox could provide and do it on an affordable level.
Studio C, our extensive MIDI studio has a vast capability. From a feature film score to a NetFlix series or a Record Project we have all the best sound libraries, apps, hardware, software , keyboards and synths. Studio C is where we take the scores and bring them to life. We built it to be world-class and it sounds wildly good. We have staff that can input, sequence, copy the score and parts, and perform each track for MIDI playback. This room is also capable of Stereo and or Surround 5:1. We also have full projection for most video content.
Our large recording rooms can accommodate fairly large ensemble groups as well as full Choir. We can record in both the A and B room at the same time. So we can record your soundtrack for any sort of project. We have multiple video screens and can project the video in-sync as we record.
The control room serves and a normal recording center but is set-up to also record and mix in Surround 5:1. We have dubbed full theatrical films, broadcast, streaming productions and Podcasts.
We have full sound effects libraries and sound design capibility. We work with experts in Sound Effects both in L.A. and Seattle. Very few studios offer as wide a range of music and audio services and have such extensive track records in doing post-production work. Our overhead and location allows us to provide high level production services, yet save producers a lot of expence and reduce the usual stresses.
SkyMuse is a mini version of the major studios of L.A. without the hassle and costs.

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