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SkyMuse Studios Staff


Ron Jones, Composer, Producer, Studio Owner

Ron’s music plays around the world daily. He composed arranged, conducted a long list of popular TV Series such as Family Guy, Star Trek:The Next Generation and many more Nominated for an Emmy 5 times for his underscores and songs and a Grammy in 2010 in addition to many other industry awards. Ron is a busy composer and music director for a wide array of projects as well as being the driving force behind SkyMuse Studios. for more on Ron check out IMDB or


Will LeMaster, Freelance Engineer
Will LeMaster is a seasoned audio producer, engineer, and musician.  Over the course of his 30+ year career, he has had the opportunity to work with Grammy, Emmy, and Academy Award winners, Gold and Platinum selling recording artists, and a host of world-class talent.  He is well versed in a wide variety of musical and production styles, and knows how to achieve just the right sound for any artist or project.  Will has the ability to create a relaxed, yet productive studio environment, where creativity can freely flow and one of a kind performances are captured.  In the studio, Will’s single purpose is to serve the artist, the song, and the project.  With Will LeMaster at the helm, you can be assured that excellence will be achieved.

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Itia Schwartz, Freelance Engineer
Itai Schwartz is a multi-talent not only is he a great, intuitive and informed audio engineer he also is a songwriter, producer with many credits. Currently engineering for Atlantic Records in Los Angeles and specializing in recording their signed artists and songwriters. We bring him up from L.A. for various projects.


Bill Gibson, Freelance Engineer
Bill Gibson is president of Northwest Music and Recording, Inc. and has spent the last 35 years writing, recording, producing, and teaching music. As an audio professional and active sound engineer, Bill has developed unique insights into the techniques and procedures that produce extremely high quality audio, both in the recording studio and in live performances. He is the author of more than 35 books and videos, and his writings are acclaimed for their straightforward and understandable explanations of audio concepts and applications. As Chief Engineer at a Seattle-area studio from to mid ’80s to the mid ’90s, Gibson recorded countless albums for bands and solo artists in virtually every genre, from jazz to heavy metal and from grunge to blue grass, and he also taught on-going beginning-, intermediate-, and advanced-level recording classes through the RIAA and independently. His work with acts such as The Main Attraction, The Coats, Antowaine Richardson, Tony Moore and many others gained critical acclaim and consistently received NAMA and Advertising Awards for excellence in music production and recording. Breaking out as an independent producer/engineer in the mid ’90s provided access to the best studios in the Northwest, Los Angeles, and Nashville for a wide range of acclaimed productions. As an author, developmental editor, and communications and training specialist for Hal Leonard Corporation, Gibson has written and produced a wide range of instructional content under his own name (The Hal Leonard Recording Method, The Ultimate Live Sound Operators Handbook, and many more) and alongside some of the music industry’s most iconic professionals including: Quincy Jones (Q on Producing) , Bruce Swedien (The Bruce Swedien Recording Method), Dave Pensado (The Pensado Papers), Sylvia Massy (Recording Unhinged), Alan Parsons (The Art and Science of Recording), Al Schmitt (Al Schmitt On the Record), Ed Cherney (in production), and many more.   As a two-term National Trustee, a member of the National Advisory Committee for the Producers & Engineers Wing and the Planning & Governance Committee, and as a Governor for the Pacific Northwest Chapter of The Recording Academy, Gibson advocates for the benefit of music producers, technicians, and performers locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. He also authored “Recommendations for High-Resolution Music Production” for the Producers & Engineers Wing along with committee members Leslie Ann Jones, Chuck Ainlay, Bob Ludwig, Rick Plushner, and Phil Wagner.


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