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Studio C DAW

2-Mac Pro (late 2013) 3 GHz 8-Core Intel Xeon E5 Macs

4-Computer/video Monitors (Dell,LG,Samsung)


Audio Interfaces:

MOTU 828es



Audio Monitors:

2-Genelec 8040B  Studio Monitors

2-Genelec 8030B  Studio Monitors

1-Genelec 7050b Sub-Woofer



Yamaha MOXF8 Music Production Synthesizer

Dave Smith Prophet 12  Synthesizer

Roland RD-300 NX Digital Piano/Synthesizer

Fender Rhodes 88

Drum Machine:

Aurturia DrumBrute


Main DAW software:
MOTU Digital Performer




Rack-mounted Keyboard/Synths:

Roland Integra-7

Yamaha Motif-Rack XS

Studio C Sound Libraries and plug-ins

Abby Road    50’s Drummer     Native Instruments     Kontact Abby Road    60’s Drummer     Native Instruments     Kontact Abby Road    70’s Drummer     Native Instruments     Kontact Abby Road    80’s Drummer     Native Instruments     Kontact Abby Road    Modern Drummer     Native Instruments     Kontact Abby Road    Vintage Drummer     Native Instruments     Kontact Action Strikes     Percussion   Native Instruments     Kontact Action Strings     Orchestral Strings   Native Instruments     Kontact Advanced Steel Guitar   8Dio Alicas  Keys   Keyboards    Native Instruments     Kontact Analog Lab 3    Various Vintage Synths    Arturia Balinese Gamelan     Gamelan   Native Instruments     Kontact Bass YinYang II         Electric Bass    Ample Battery 4         Drums and Percussion      Native Instruments     Kontact Brass 1 Extended     Orchestral Brass   Vienna Instruments Brass 1 Standard     Orchestral Brass   Vienna Instruments Brass 2 Extended     Orchestral Brass   Vienna Instruments Brass 2 Standard     Orchestral Brass   Vienna Instruments Cage Strings Vol. 1       String Section Efx      8Dio   Kontact Chamber Strings 1 Extended   Chamber Strings    Vienna Instruments Chamber Strings 1 Standard   Chamber Strings    Vienna Instruments Cuba   Cuban        Native Instruments     Kontact Damage    Percussion/Drums         Heavyocity      Kontact Drum Lab       Drum Set/Percussion             Native Instruments     Kontact Emotive Strings     Orchestral Strings   Native Instruments     Kontact Epic Orchestra Standard      Orchestra        Vienna VSL Epic Taiko Ensemble      Taiko Ensemble    8Dio   Kontact Evolve Mutations                                                      Heavyocity      Kontact Evolve Mutations   II                                                   Heavyocity      Kontact Evolve R2                                                                            Heavyocity      Kontact EZ Drummer     Drum Set                             ToonTrack   EZ Drummer Flesh                                                                                                                        Kontact FM8         FM Synth        Native Instruments Form                                                                                                              Kontact

French Horn              Brass      Sample Modeling Tuba                               Brass      Sample Modeling First Call Horns       Jazz/Pop/Rock Brass               Big Fish Audio     Kontact George Duke Soul Treasures                                                                          Kontact Guitar Hollow II        Hollowbody Electric Guitar    Ample Guitar Rig Pro 5     Guitar Amp Emulator         Native Instruments Guitar T II   Steel String Acoustic Guitar      Ample Guitar TC II   SolidBody Electric Guitar    Ample Harps Extended         Harp                     Vienna/VSL Harps Standard         Harp                     Vienna/VSL Hollywood Strings Diamond   Orchestral Strings     East/West India     Tabla/Sitar/Harmonium/Traditional     Kontact Ivory       Pianos/Keyboards         Synthology        Kontact Keyscape       Pianos/Keyboards       Spectrasonics Kinetic Metal                                                                       Kontact Kontact Factory Library         Various/Orchestral        Native Instruments   Kontact Kontour                                                                                      Kontact L.A. Scoring Strings Full 2        Orchestral Strings                              Audio Bro      Kontact Mach Five 3                                                                 MOTU Maschine Drum Section                                                            Kontact Masse                   Orchestra                                Spitfire Metal Bowls         Percussion     8Dio    Kontact Molekular                                       Kontact Monark                                              Kontact Omnisphere  1-2       Soft Synth        Spectrasonics Orchestral Essentials          Orchestra              Project Sam Orchestral Essentials 2          Orchestra              Project Sam Orchestral Strings 1 Extended      Orchestral Strings        Vienna/VSL Orchestral Strings 1 Standard     Orchestral Strings        Vienna/VSL Orchestral Strings 2 Extended      Orchestral Strings        Vienna/VSL Orchestral Strings 2 Standard     Orchestral Strings        Vienna/VSL Percussion Extended        Percussion                   Vienna/VSL Percussion Standard        Percussion                   Vienna/VSL Polyplex                                                                                      Kontact

Progressive Metal Guitar    Electric Metal Guitar         8Dio         Kontact Rammfire     Guitar Amp Emulation                Guitar Rig       Kontact Razor                                                                                              Kontact Reaktor Blocks                                                                           Kontact Reaktor Factory Library                                                                     Kontact Reaktor Prism                                                                           Kontact Reaktor Spark R2                                                                          Kontact Recorders       Recorders        Vienna/VSL Reflektor                                                                                          Kontact Retro Machines Mk2                                                                   Kontact                                                                     Rise and Hit                                                                                       Kontact Rounds                                                                                                Kontact Scarbee   Funk Guitarist      Guitar                    Native Instruments   Kontact Scarbee   Jay Bass    Electric Bass                    Native Instruments   Kontact  Scarbee   MM Bass    Electric Bass                    Native Instruments   Kontact Scarbee   MM Bass Amped    Electric Bass                    Native Instruments   Kontact Scarbee   Pre-Bass    Electric Bass                    Native Instruments   Kontact   Scarbee   Pre-Bass Amped    Electric Bass                    Native Instruments   Kontact Scarbee   Rickenbacker Bass    Electric Bass                    Native Instruments   Kontact Scarbee   Vintage Keys       Keyboards                   Native Instruments   Kontact Session Guitarist-Strummed Acoustic   Acoustic Guitar                    Kontact Session Horns Pro     Contemporary Brass       Native Instruments   Kontact Session Strings Pro     Contemporary Strings       Native Instruments   Kontact Skanner XT                                                                                                   Kontact Solo Strings      Solo Strings           Spitfire Solo Strings 1 Extended     Solo Strings         Vienna/VSL  Solo Strings 1 Standard     Solo Strings         Vienna/VSL Studio Drummer     Drum Set                                      Native Instruments   Kontact Superior Drummer         Drum Set      ToonTrack      Superior Drummer Superior Drummer 3         Drum Set      ToonTrack      Superior Drummer SWAM Solo Strings    Solo Strings          Audio Modeling Swing! More     Jazz/Big Band                                 Kontact        Project Sam Swing!      Jazz/Big Band                                 Kontact        Project Sa

Symphonic Brass    Orchestral Brass    Spitfire         Kontact Symphonic Choirs Platinum Choir                East/West Symphonic Orchestra Brass Orchestral Brass               East/West Symphonic Orchestra Percussion Orchestral Percussion               East/West Symphonic Orchestra Strings Orchestral Strings               East/West Symphonic Orchestra Woodwinds Orchestral Woodwinds               East/West Symphonic Strings    Orchestral Strings                               Spitfire Symphonic Woodwinds    Orchestral Woodwinds          Spitfire Symphony Essentials  Brass Ensemble  Orchestral Brass        Project Sam   Kontact Symphony Essentials  String Ensemble  Orchestral Strings     Project Sam   Kontact Symphony Essentials Woodwinds EnsembleOrchestral Woodwinds Project Sam   Kontact Symphony Essentials Solo Woodwinds Solo Woodwinds Project Sam   Kontact Symphony Series String Ensemble      Orchestral Strings                                       Kontact Synchron Percussion 1 Standard  Orchestral Percussion                     Vienna/VSL Synchron Strings 1 Standard  Orchestral Strings                   Vienna/VSL The Finger R2                                                                                                  Kontact The Gentleman      Piano                                                                            Kontact The Giant                  Piano                                                                            Kontact The Maverick          Piano                                                                            Kontact The Mouth                                                                                                         Kontact The New Epic Taiko Ensemble     Percussion             8Dio     Kontact The New Hybrid Tools 2        Hybrid Efx                          8Dio    Kontact Traktors 12                                                                                                 Kontact Trombone                  Brass                  Sample Modeling True Strike              Percussion                                         Project Sam     Kontact True Strike  2            Percussion                                         Project Sam     Kontact Trumpet          Brass                                 Sample Modeling Una Corda     Piano                             Native Instruments     Kontact Vintage Organs        Organ              Native Instruments     Kontact West Africa     African  Percussion       Native Instruments     Kontact Woodwinds 1 Extented        Orchestral Woodwinds         Vienna/VSL Woodwinds 1 Standard        Orchestral Woodwinds         Vienna/VSL Woodwinds 2  Extented        Orchestral Woodwinds         Vienna/VSL Woodwinds 2  Standard        Orchestral Woodwinds         Vienna/VSL

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