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What Drives Us

We love making music and creating. We have dedicated ourselves for decades to the art and craft of music and high end audio. Even with all our experience and years of professional work we remain open to learning, to growing and to finding better ways to do this. It involves technology and complex systems and gear, but ultimately it is all about who we are as people and treating everyone with honor, respect. We truly want everyone to have an opportunity to create and produce their best work. We want our clients, artists, visitors to be our friends. We offer master classes which are usually free to help the creative music and audio community. We take on interns and young people who sincerely want to be professionals. Our greatest joy is to support an artist as friends and as professionals. Everyone that works at SkyMuse says they feel like family, and they are. We take our responsibility serious and every part of SkyMuse from the landscape to the studio to the people here to be a welcoming and enjoyable place. If you can find a studio like this use it. If you can find people who care, who dedicate themselves to doing things right, call them. Meanwhile, SkyMuse is here and we look forward each day to what is possible and what matters.

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